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Medical errors are third leading cause of death

It feels like every month there is a new article that, rightly so, decries the current state of our medical profession and how medical errors are leaving innocent people with catastrophic or fatal injuries. This week, we find ourselves reading another one of these articles, and it will make you wonder where the medical profession should go from here.

Botched surgery, treatment leads to $6 million lawsuit

While the following story isn't from Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, the horror of a medical malpractice case can be applied to nearly anywhere in the country. This particular story is from Iowa, and the woman who sued a hospital where she was receiving medical treatment initially was diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumor in the lining of her brain. This condition can be monitored by doctors, as they are slow-growing.

Misdiagnoses a major problem with healthcare

According to new data that has been published, about 20 percent of people who have a serious medical condition are misdiagnosed first by their primary care physician. It requires a specialist to identify the misdiagnosis in these cases. Everyone else either receives a partially, mostly, or wholly correct diagnosis.

Botched tonsillectomy a tragic case

Imagine being told that the surgical procedure you are about to go through is common and that there are few risks involved. Would you feel better hearing that? Probably, though there would still be that innate fear of going under the knife that everyone has. There are always risks involved when it comes to surgery. But hearing that phrase, that sentiment that "it's all going to be okay because this is a common procedure" can make a big difference for an anxious pre-op patient.

Paid medical malpractice claims have declined since 1992

Medical malpractice may not be particularly common, but it also affects plenty of people every year. Medical malpractice lawsuits are critical pieces of civil litigation because the victims need financial compensation in the wake of a medical error or botched medical procedure that caused them pain and made them suffer through extensive (and unnecessary) treatment.

On medical malpractice and the need for an attorney

Imagine going to the doctor's office for a routine checkup, and as the doctor marks off the many things on his or her list that need to be completed, he or she finds something that surprises them. They run some tests and determine that you have a serious medical condition that needs to be dealt with right away. You start getting very scared, and understandably so.

The astounding fatal effect of medical errors

There is a common idiom that relates to things that you can expect to happen in every life: death and taxes. While this is true, it also seems like a third idea needs to be added to this saying: death, taxes, and an article every year that discusses the incredible prevalence of medical errors.

Legal ramifications of doctor-patient confidentiality

Can you imagine what the world would be like if there was no concept of doctor-patient confidentiality? Anyone who went to the doctor would need to be courageous, and they would fear that their personal health issues would be broadcast to the entire world. The level of care could even be impacted in a world without doctor-patient confidentiality.

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