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Car accidents are too common, and legal help is often critical

Do you know that one of the leading causes of catastrophic physical injuries in the U.S. is car accidents? And did you know that car accidents are the leading cause of death for people aged 3 to 33 in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?

6 vehicles involved in crash on Interstate 20

Six vehicles were involved in a massive pile-up crash on Interstate 20 recently. The crash forced the closure of all lanes on the interstate, and the Georgia Department of Transportation worked to clear the road as quickly as possible. Few other details have been provided, such as how many people were injured, if any, and how the crash even happened in the first place.

The self-driving car dilemma keeps popping up

Late last year, we wrote a post about self-driving cars, and some of the inherent problems on the programming side of this new technology. If a programmer designs the car to react in a certain way if an accident is impending or even predicted, and then the car gets into a different accident, would it be safe to say that the vehicle was actually programmed to get into an accident? It's a tricky ethical dilemma for self-driving cars and, really, the future of technology in general. When do programming decisions bleed into the law?

Too many injuries, deaths occur because of car accidents

Let's say that you have just completed a long day at work, and all you want to do is get home and relax with your family. You get into your car, put on your seat belt and drive off. You get on the highway and prepare to cruise home, but then something unexpected happens: the vehicle next to you collides with your vehicle, and you have just been involved in a serious car accident.

Deadly warnings ignored by many drivers

It may seem like everywhere you turn there are messages and warnings about the dangers of distracted driving and other unsafe driving behaviors. Local governments and safety advocates spend millions of dollars on public awareness campaigns that jolt the senses and tug at the heartstrings. But does the message get across?

Fatal hit-and-run accident under investigation by police

A fatal car crash yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia has police investigating the matter after a driver fled from the scene after the wreck. The crash occurred around 3:30 p.m. yesterday when two cars travelling south on GA 400 were involved in a collision. The wreck left four people injured and killed a 17-year-old. One of the drivers involved in the crash drove off, but was later captured by the police. Charges are pending and few other details have been released about this crash.

Georgia's car accident statistics are disheartening

It's something we take for granted. Every day, we get in our cars to commute to work or run errands, rarely thinking about the inherent dangers we take on by getting behind the wheel. You can do everything right and still find yourself in an accident. Almost everyone has seen friends or family members injured in car accidents, but still, the true scope of the peril never comes into focus.

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