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Traffic accident deaths are trending in the wrong direction

One of the great things about looking at data and studying facts and statistics is that your can learn from past mistakes, discover trends, and address concerns based on the information at hand. From 2014 to 2015, traffic accident fatalities went up 8.4 percent, and that was the largest year-over-year increase in traffic accident fatalities in the United States since 1963-1964. And now, from 2015 to 2016, we saw another significant increase in the number of traffic fatalities.

According to the data from a new National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report on fatal traffic accidents, 2016 saw a 5.6 percent increase in traffic deaths when compared to 2015. This amounts to 1,976 more deaths in 2016 than in 2015, and when you drill down into the details a little more, the problem looks even worse.

Trucks collide head on in fatal wreck

Two people were killed and one person was left in critical condition after two trucks -- a dump truck and a garbage truck -- collided in Forsyth County recently. The wreck happened in the afternoon at an intersection, and both people int he garbage truck were killed in the crash. The two trucks collided head on in the wreck, and the driver of the garbage truck was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

Little else is known about this crash as the police have launched an investigation. Hopefully we'll have some answers soon, but as we've said before, the police investigations into motor vehicle accidents often take some time. We won't know more for some time.

People injured in Atlanta hit and run accident

Car accidents happen all the time, but some are more infuriating -- and legally dubious -- than others. There are many examples of these "infuriating and dubious" accidents: drunk driving accidents, speeding accidents, crashes that involve drivers that are using their cell phones, and fatigued drivers are all examples of accidents that are infuriating and also leave the at-fault driver in a legally vulnerable position. And rightfully so.

Another example is a hit and run accident, and one just happened recently in Atlanta, Georgia. The accident happened last night when a blue Maserati hit another car at an intersection. The struck car then spun off and into another vehicle. The people in that third vehicle had to be hospitalized due to their injuries. However, the extent of the injured parties in this crash is unknown.

Air disasters made it safer to fly the friendly skies

Commercial air travel remains one of the safest ways for you to get where you need to go. In fact, for seven years, no fatal crashes have occurred in the United States. However, it wasn't always as safe as it is today.

Any plane crash that involves serious injuries and the loss of lives is tragic, but fortunately, some of those crashes led to technological and procedural advances that make it safer for you to fly on a commercial airline now.

Get legal help after a fatal car accident

Driving has become one of those tasks that is akin to brushing your teeth or doing laundry. Everyone knows how to do it, and the mundane nature of the task means you usually do it on autopilot. But with driving, the monotony of the task can be deadly. Driving is a dangerous action in and of itself, and it becomes even more dangerous when the driver isn't paying attention, or is fatigued, or is in an altered mental state making it more difficult to safely operate a vehicle.

As with all dangerous activities, car accidents can turn fatal. Thousands of people die every year because of car accidents, and their families are left shattered and broken in the aftermath. This is where some will turn to a wrongful death lawsuit to earn some semblance of justice for the accident, while also protecting themselves and their loved ones from the financial impact of losing a family member.

Massive award in medical malpractice case

Even though the source article for today's post isn't from Georgia, it still means a lot in the world of medical malpractice. The state of Minnesota just witnessed the largest medical malpractice award in its history after the family of a woman who died after giving birth to her first child successfully sued the nurse practitioner who worked at the emergency room that the woman went to. The lawsuit award was $20 million.

The case stems from a 30-year-old woman who had her first child in 2013. She was discharged from the hospital in a seemingly healthy state. However, she felt nauseous and had a fever shortly after being discharged and had to return to the hospital's emergency room. Once there, the nurse practitioner determined that the 30-year-old had a urinary tract infection and that she was fine to return home.

Medical malpractice is unacceptable

Imagine that you have been experiencing some pain over the last week -- unexpected pain. You begin to worry and decide it's time to see a doctor. When you go in, the doctor checks over your vitals and information, and begins to examine potential problems. Ultimately, a diagnosis is made and a plan for treatment is agreed. You feel better about the situation even though the pain persists.

But as the treatment gets underway and the days pass, you only feel worse. Later, your physical condition deteriorates to the point that you have to go to the emergency room. As it turns out, your doctor made a mistake and misdiagnosed you initially. As a result, you have suffered serious injuries and possibly permanent damage.

9 vehicles involved in crash that leaves 5 seriously injured

A bizarre accident that was caused by a man from Atlanta has made headlines given the sheer number of vehicles and injuries involved. Nine vehicles were wrapped up in the crash and five people were seriously injured. It is unknown at this time if more people were injured but simply didn't suffer "serious" injuries. The car that started it all ultimately crashed into a restaurant and the entire wreck is being investigated by the police.

Given that the investigation is ongoing, few other details about the crash have been released. But what is known at this time is that the Atlanta man at the center of the crash is 28 years old and that he was charged with driving under the influence of drugs. It has not been specified what substance the man was on at the time of the crash, and ultimately it doesn't matter much because his actions were reckless and negligent.

Rise in opioid use linked to traffic fatalities

There are times when you know you shouldn't get behind the wheel. Perhaps you had a few drinks too many, or you didn't get much sleep the night before. Maybe you haven't been feeling well, or you just took some cold medicine that makes you drowsy. Common sense tells you that if you are having trouble concentrating or staying awake, you should avoid driving for your own sake and the safety of others on the road.

Still, people in Georgia and across the country continue to drive when they shouldn't. With the rise in prescription drug use and opioid dependency, the rate of drugged drivers is quickly catching up to drunk driving statistics, placing you and your family at risk every time you hit the highway.

Common questions about truck accidents

Truck accidents happen all of the time, and we've taken some time to discuss this problem on our blog. We have covered the common reasons why truck accidents occur in the first place. Today, we want to talk about some of the basics about truck accidents and answer some frequently asked questions when it comes to the topic of commercial vehicle accidents.

To begin, what is a commercial vehicle? This covers a wide range of vehicles, and it includes your traditional big rigs and semi-trucks, as well as large buses, delivery trucks, and large freight trucks. These vehicles inherently are more dangerous than other vehicles when they are involved in an accident because of their size and raw power. Devastating injuries can be suffered by innocent people when a truck or other commercial vehicle collides with other vehicles.

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