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Botched surgery, treatment leads to $6 million lawsuit

While the following story isn't from Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, the horror of a medical malpractice case can be applied to nearly anywhere in the country. This particular story is from Iowa, and the woman who sued a hospital where she was receiving medical treatment initially was diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumor in the lining of her brain. This condition can be monitored by doctors, as they are slow-growing.

However, the doctor treating and diagnosing this woman opted for surgery. The procedure required the surgeon to take part of her skull with the tumor. Titanium mesh and screws were used to replace what was taken.

17 injuries, 1 death in chaotic 8-vehicle crash

A fatal and fiery crash on GA-316 in Gwinnett County left one person dead and 17 others with injuries. Eight cars were involved in the chaotic crash, one that was described by one of the officers at the scene like this: "You just don't see this type of thing very often."

It appears that a tractor trailer failed to stop in time as the traffic in front of the vehicle came to a halt. The photos of the crash scene paint a hectic pictures, with vehicles and emergency crews strewn all over the freeway. The eastbound lanes of GA-316 were shut down for several hours as crews attempted to clear the scene and gather evidence of how the crash occurred.

Car accidents are too common, and legal help is often critical

Do you know that one of the leading causes of catastrophic physical injuries in the U.S. is car accidents? And did you know that car accidents are the leading cause of death for people aged 3 to 33 in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?

There are stunning car accident statistics like this and they beg the question: why are there so many people driving around negligently? Unfortunately, there isn't a good answer to that question. Some people don't absorb driving skills the same way as others. Some people are outright negligent, using their phone while driving or operating a vehicle while under the influence of drug or alcohol. And some still are just good people who got into the true definition of an accident.

Drunk driving reenactments can help, but they aren't guaranteed

You may have noticed a lot more news stories in your local papers about high school students being shown dramatic reenactments of drunk driving accidents at their schools. It is certainly a trend, and one that may help young, impressionable teenagers learn that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous and unacceptable. 

These reenactments are an example of pathos, an appeal to someone's emotions. The reenactments are jarring and intentionally dramatic and painful to sit through. This is to drive home the message: the scenes of DUI accidents are often bloody, serious, and/or fatal. Drunk driving accidents are unacceptable in any form, and if you find your self considering behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, you should always decide to find a different ride home.

The human factor in an airplane crash

People across Georgia are riveted to their TVs and other devices when disaster strikes. When a commercial airliner crashes and the victims number in the hundreds, national and international news coverage impresses viewers with details about the injuries the passengers suffered. You may remember thinking how fortunate you were not to be on that plane.

However, your luck ran out on your recent flight. Perhaps because it wasn't a jet airliner, your story didn't make the news. Nevertheless, your suffering is just as real. Like the victims and families of an internationally covered airline accident, you have just as much right to know what caused your plane to come down.

Another state just adopted 80 mile per hour freeways

What would you guess is the fastest speed limit in the United States? If you picked 85 miles per hour, you are correct! There is a road from San Antonio to Austin, Texas that allows vehicles to legally travel at 85 miles per hour.

However, this is an exceptional circumstance. Only a few states even have laws that allow cars to travel 80 miles per hour nowadays, and Nevada just entered that club, which includes South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah. Roughly 130 miles of Interstate 80 in Nevada will now have a speed limit of 80 miles per hour after a law that was signed into existence 18 months ago finally took effect.

6 vehicles involved in crash on Interstate 20

Six vehicles were involved in a massive pile-up crash on Interstate 20 recently. The crash forced the closure of all lanes on the interstate, and the Georgia Department of Transportation worked to clear the road as quickly as possible. Few other details have been provided, such as how many people were injured, if any, and how the crash even happened in the first place.

One thing to note about pile-up accidents like this is that determining liability is complicated. Anyone involved in a pile-up accident with numerous other vehicles needs to be in touch with their insurer, and possibly an attorney too (depending on the circumstances).

Misdiagnoses a major problem with healthcare

According to new data that has been published, about 20 percent of people who have a serious medical condition are misdiagnosed first by their primary care physician. It requires a specialist to identify the misdiagnosis in these cases. Everyone else either receives a partially, mostly, or wholly correct diagnosis.

But this is just one piece of information about diagnosing patients. According to a report in 2015 from the National Academy of Medicine, about 12 million people are misdiagnosed annually. That's roughly 5 percent of the patient population that seeks outpatient care. Misdiagnoses are a major problem in the medical field, and since patients are rarely medical professionals themselves, they would never know when they are begin misdiagnosed.

When health care goes awry, who is at fault?

When you undergo surgery, go to the doctor or agree to a treatment plan suggested by your care provider, it is with the expectation that the counsel and care you received met a certain standard of care. When doctors fail to provide quality care, innocent people can suffer, resulting in additional financial losses and a longer recovery.

If you believe that you suffered as a result of the negligent behavior of a Georgia doctor, nurse or other type of care provider, you may have a valid medical malpractice claim. These cases are complex, requiring that you prove certain elements to obtain compensation - one of which, is negligence.

Far too many people drive under influence of drugs or alcohol

Up until a few weeks ago, if you were asked whether drugged driving or drunk driving was more common in fatal accidents, you probably would have answered "drunk driving." Driving under the influence of alcohol has been a scourge to road safety for decades. But while this problem remains, it has been surpassed by drugged driving according to a recent report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility.

For the first time, drugged driving was more prevalent in drivers who were involved in fatal crashes than drunk driving. About 43 percent of drivers in fatal accidents had either a prescription and/or illegal substance in their system, compared to 37 percent of drivers in fatal accidents having a blood alcohol level that was above legal limits.

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